Dwayne House has lived everything he dreamed of.  A successful businessman, an international investor in power generation, construction, oil exploration, agriculture; it would be hard to name a place in the world he hasn’t been. But he will be the first to tell you that wealth isn’t measured in money.  It is having that ability to control your own time. And what he wants to do with his is to be a rancher. “I am very independent; and independence and ranching go together,” he said.

It was a challenge. Dwayne was one of 10 children growing up in Middleton, Md. “We were poor and didn’t know it,” he said. But when he was 8 Dwayne knew he was going to be in international business and travel the world. He worked his way through college studying economics and finance, and his first employer out of college, Ford Motor Company, had to send him money so he could come to work.  Since then he has mostly worked for himself in a variety of businesses and investments. “I like the frontier attitude, and one of the last frontiers is the cattle business,” he said.

Dwayne purchased the historical Goodno Ranch about eight miles east of LaBelle… [read more]